Rent Administration

The Rentals Management System's main purpose is to satisfy the most important needs in this area. A system based on optimizing work time, so you can get more time on productive tasks or in generating new business. A really convenient system to your needs.

The Rental Management System has the following characteristics: Registration of a wide variety of information from the owners, tenants, property, guarantors and contracts. Make the collection of rents, fees and expenses. Default interest calculation automatically. Make owners settlement, including fees and expenses. Receiving vouchers tenants services and delivery to owners. Maintenance accounts for tenants and landlords. Issuance of a wide variety of management information lists, both as by screen printer. Allows greater control over rental operations.

The Rental Management System was developed to work in a multi-user network. Its flexibility is based on comprehensive analysis of its administrative structure, to adapt our system to your specific needs.