Consulting Management Control

1. Support in the development and monitoring of budgets.

Taking as a basis the Company's strategy. We developed the tool that will allow us to translate the plans into money. How many resources  you need (expenditures and investments) in order to confront the planned activities and how these activities generate incomes.

The budget is a tool that:

• It allows us to identify how much money  we  need in order to carry out the activities.
• It forces us to rethink plans of action and ways to perform activities.
• It allows us to control revenues and expenditures and identify potential problems.


2. Dashboards

The Dashboard is a management tool with the basic objective to diagnose a situation and make their permanent monitoring. We implement a methodology to organize information and increase the value.

Specifying five objectives:

1. To  know a status of a position in order to have not surprises..
2. To comunicate and align the organization to the overall objectives.
3. To prevent detours based on timely alerts
4. Be a differentiator in cultural change.
5. Start Up and the follow-up project.