Optimization of Operative Process and Business

All businesses today need to be more competitive and flexible to survive in the productive environment, whether on a local maeket, regional or global, where other companies within the same industry sector use similar technology and develop similar products.

To think in process (not in sections) and its optimization, it is a base of business alignment and essential element of modern management, to survive in a challenging environment, because  of (among other reasons) to competition from countries with wage levels quite low and other costs associated with the location of productive activity.

At the end of the process we always find a customer. These processes have a mission and objectives clearly connected with the corporate mission and strategy, and reformulated through the new organizational culture.

To achieve the optimization and streamlining business processes,we evaluate the productive capacity of the flow of information and work in order to identify the following:

• Waste material, time, rework, revisions to non-value service and hence increase the processing costs and lower expected returns.

• Customer dissatisfaction due to delays, outdated information, inadequate response times.

• Bottlenecks in the supply chain work, preventing the body cope in times accessible with new products and services to market.

• Inability to deal effectively and efficiently to changes in customer demands.

• Profits reduction for activities that generate losses no entered in the booksby the organization